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Update - everything happening for summer!

We have been out and about over the year trying to find some of the best events/festivals for the summer & future events for the year of 2024 which also help us find the right artists for every edition of the mag! We will now be showcasing and telling you about the year of 2023 & what you can look forward to coming up this year & next.


Esoteric 2024 Launch Party

Esoteric was good enough for me but a few months after the team @Eosoteric decided to throw their 2024 launch party to give Esotericans a sight of what's to come for the festival in 2024, was seriously an insane night and Ozzy takes set of the night.

Black Market

Black Market never seem to disappoint me! Getting to see one of your mates smash out a booking too is always nice! Black Markets event at the Timber Yard earlier this year was stellar and every artist lived up to expectations, you can expect big things from Black Market next year in 2024.

My Glam Debut & 1st Psy Booking

My debut at Glam was my first ever solo psytrance booking, having now converted full to psytrance I decided to play my first full psytrance set and it was unforgettable, I can't wait to continue my pathway developing my sound more and more as years go on. This booking gave me dedication to pursue a 4 track EP which will be getting released later on in the year.

Haptic Ft Alpha Tracks

One of my favourite nights this year, Haptic ft Alpha Tracks at 524 Flinders was seriously surreal, getting to see one of the artists I've had my eye on for a while now dominate the floor is definitely breathtaking. Haptic also brought on Bella Claxton under her new alias as Iza Ela and put on such a perfect warm up for Alpha Tracks.

Sonic Republic & Twisted Fabrications @ Inflation

Another psytrance event that I was lucky enough to witness throughout the year with a bunch of Melbourne's trending artists but also Berlin heavyweight AMRTUM. Personally for me I think psytrance belongs & always will belong at a festival, clubs are sick and all but I feel like the atmosphere, crowd, & vibe are completely different within the 2.

Boom Festival

Now personally, I've never been to Boom but it has been on my cards for a very long time now & I'm looking forward to going to Boom in 2025. I had a few mates experience Boom ( shoutout to Ben for the vid!) who said Boom was surreal an unforgettable experience you can't seem to explain. Heaps of international artists the very top ones you can only ever imagine to witness.

Interstellar Journey - Stewi Debut EP Drop

I really can't put into words how much having my debut EP dropping later this year means to me, feels surreal to finally have the time and dedication I have put into these 4 tracks that represent the sound I am trying to show the audience I love. A mixture of progressive psytrance, trance & hard hitting drums, I have tried to show my journey with making my music in the making of this EP & I can't wait to show all of you! My EP will be available through all streaming platforms, Beatport, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud & Bandcamp.

List of festivals coming up! VIC/NSW

  • Strawberry Fields - November

  • Wild Horses - December

  • Beyond The Valley - December

  • Lost In Paradise - December

  • Let Them Eat Cake - January

  • Aura Festival - November

  • Esoteric Festival - March

  • Pitch Music & Arts - March

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