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Black Market Presents: BLK & More

Black Market Events have just come off a stellar event on the 27th of August titled " Night Market " with headlining artists such as Denim, Oots & Catlin Medcalf with supports comes the likes of Cybernet, DJ Casper, Far-Out b2b Trak Burn & Cuz E b2b Turbo Noon. Overall the event was a success & the boys at Black Market pulled off a great night @ 524 Flinders! We now move forward to their next event at a yet to be released location with the headlining act coming all the way from Ireland the king himself BLK, we now take a further look into this event and what we can except from the night come November 27th.


Stewi Mag artist Trak Burn dominating the floor with Far-Out at the last Black Market

ID: Trak Burn- "Sorry We're Busy" (Unreleased)


Black Market Presents BLK:



Reboot DJS


6 Sense

Black Dave


Location: Inner North TBA

Time: 8pm-3am

Black Market have just come off their event "Night Market" which was a huge success, and now only 3 months later they are backing it up with this huge stellar event hosting the Irish legend BLK. Tickets are moving fast and are now on final release so make sure to grab tickets asap, We now take a further deep look into the artists taking the stage.

BLK: If you don't know the name BLK by now... well do some research and have a suss of this Irish legend, BLK is known for his breathtaking sets all over Europe playing the likes of hard thumping techno with driving baselines. BLK has had many headline shows but this one will be his only Melbourne show for who knows how long so you should make sure to grab a ticket to not miss out on this opportunity. BLK is also playing in Sydney before Night Market & these will be his only 2 shows in Australia.

Reboot DJs: The Reboot DJ's are the supports for BLK who will be touring with BLK over here in Aus. These legends will be providing the goods in support for BLK.

Oots: Oots has been a regular at Black Market events as he has played at every event thus far for the team. We have written what we think about Oots on our interview we conducted with him, but you can except him to be dishing out more of his unique sound that has been making him known in the underground Naarm scene. Oots has a lot of unreleased stuff that he is probably going to rinse at this event as well as his "Criminals EP" he is known for.

6 Sense: One of our most recent selectors of Stewi Mag 6 Sense have been taking the scene by storm! having recently played @ the likes of Xe54, Agadah, Cicada, Turbo & also a show in NSW for Pulse Muzik. 6 Sense already have a sound like no other where you can instantly tell what tracks are theirs during their sets! They are going to be bringing the heat at this event, with hits such as "Hand 2 Hand Kombat" & an upcoming release labelled "FAKIN THE FUNK" & most recently "Fuck Wit Me" you can also except hard hitting drums and bouncy basslines! 6 Sense's interview can be found in our Up & Coming DJs section!

Black Dave: Fresh into the scene Black Dave has started to make a name for himself around the Naarm scene. With his most recent release "Desert Dancer" you can expect him to set the floor towards the openings of the night with a bang! We also conducted an interview with Black Dave recently for our latest drop make sure to check that out as well!

Fukhed: Fukhed is known for her mixes showcasing a combination of genres, you can expect a whole different taste of music that combines with hard hitting grooves & will keep your feet moving! Fukhed has done mixes for the likes of Area 3000, Project Radio (UK) & Triple J just to name a few!


Black Market also held recently an event called "Night Market" showcasing some of the up & coming Naarm underground DJ's who are currently making a name for themselves right now! Overall the night was a winner by the team and they certainly showed Melbourne what they are capable of! We now look further into the lineup and the team that made this night!

Night Market @524 Flinders




Caitlin Medcalf


DJ Casper


Trak Burn


Turbo Noon

Time: 10pm-5am

The Black Market team sold out this event and had 524 Flinders packed to the rafters! The team behind Night Market did an incredible job including security, organisers who sold tickets, promoted the event & of course the team behind the brains of the operation & also put together what was one of my favourite events of the year! To top off the night they had @Charles Traynor one of Naarms top top top level photographers who is seen as probably the best one Naarm has to offer and the current time. I also want to take the time to write a little something for particularly one set of the night.

Far-Out b2b Trakburn: Well what can I say about these 2 being very close mates of mine I was excited all night to see these two legends slam it! They had the 2-3 slot & with both of their unique styles brought together they delivered a set full of fast paced trance madness! Both Jack & Rod got to play their releases with Jack playing his track "Sorry We're Busy" which is yet to be released but is coming out on a Naarm label very soon, & with Rod playing his first original "Mushroom CLouds" which you can find on Soundcloud @Far-Out. Overall the set was such my vibe and the boys did a splendid job of keeping the crowd on their feet!

Following this I cant wait to see what the future holds for the team at Black Market, & I can't wait to be involved with future events held by these legends. We may also be seeing a Black Market Doof held in January next year so make sure to keep an eye out for that.

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