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What's been happening!!?

Well it has been a while since our last drop & we now will be taking a deeper dive into the current scene around Melbourne, the events taken place & the stuff I have been up to lately. Overall I feel like just after the summer festival/doof phase the Melbourne scene has grown heaps more of an audience, places such as Esoteric Festival & Pitch Music & Arts made a huge statement already this year. We will now take a deeper look into what these past couple of months have looked like!

LTEC - Jan 1st 2023

Now to start of the yearly ritual was Let Them Eat Cake 2023 held out west at Werribee Mansion, this day could've been the hottest day of anyone's life if you asked them, but that didn't stop a crowd of 10,000 - 12,000 people from dancing like crazy during this day. Let Them Eat Cake never seems to be a disappointment & in my opinion is the best way to kick start your year!

Willem closing out the Bermuda stage..

FRANCK @Bloom - Feb 11th

This event was one of my favourites of the year. Bloom will always have a place in my heart for their incredible sound system & to top it off one of the biggest artists in the scene at the moment... Franck was unreal and every single transition just got harder & harder.

Black Market - Night Market #2 Ft. 6Sense, Bella Claxton, Cybernet, Prizefight, Trakburn & KISMBA @524 Flinders - Feb 13th

Black Market always knows how to gather some of Melbourne's biggest names in the scene at the moment & put on a incredible night of music full of different genres. After their last Night Market event I figured they were in for a big one & I wasn't surprised by the turnout as the night started to begin! This definitely made a back up statement to their last event with BLK.

X-CLUB @The Timberyard - Feb 25th

X-Club are always a treat whether it be from Pitch, Beyond The Valley & now the Timberyard, the boys have now stapled themselves as probably Australia's biggest duo artists.

DINA @Bloom ft Yours Truly - 3/03/2023

Now this one is more about me, last month I was lucky enough to get the call up to support one of my biggest music idols to date, Dina Khashan. Dina is one of Berlins known artists for her hard dance/trance vibes everywhere she plays, I was lucky enough to watch a masterclass by her at Pitch Music & Arts 2022 & that was when I instantly knew that she would be one of my idols because we just had similar taste. I am forever grateful for this moment as to me this was my biggest booking to date & I will never forget this memory!


Having been to many festivals over the years now, Esoteric was by far easily my favourite & was honestly probably one of the best weekends of my life, being converted to psytrance for sometime now I was looking forward to this weekend away stomping my feet in the sand listening to what I believe is the best music genre in the world.

Esoteric was just so well put together, the stage designs, music, artists, people, art & many other things were so perfectly put into place that literally made the festival what it is, I can't describe it sometimes it puts me lost for words, you have to be there to feel how blessed I now feel to be apart of the Eso community.

Seeing unknown artists from not only Melbourne but international artists who put together such an amazing sets seriously blows my mind. I have discovered a whole different type of music I have never heard of in my life. Sets of the weekend go to, Sammy La Marca, Unstable Fable & GMS you guys should really go check them out! All I can say is 7 Stages, amazing art, music non stop for 48 hours, what more can you seriously ask for?

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