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Laura King!! 1 of Melbourne's trending DJ's at the moment!

Many of you know Laura for her unique rave/trance sound from some of her sets such as Babylon 2019, PURE 2019, All of her Piknic Sets & the club sets as well like Xe54, New Guernica, Bloom & many more! For those that don't know Laura we did a write up about her due to circumstances we couldn't interview Laura!!


For those that don't know Laura she is one of the biggest female artists in the industry at the moment & has been for a while! Laura coming up from the city of Geelong bringing her first DJ gigs at a Geelong local club called St James, then gradually moved over to Bloom! Laura blew up when she had an unbelievable closing set on the last day of Babylon 2019 on the Day Spa stage I am so grateful to have seen this and danced along to 2 hours worth of rave and trance music! This is when i first heard of Laura & i thought she was an outstanding DJ and was also grateful enough to see her PURE 2019, Piknic 2020 & was also there for her 2 own rave shows she hosted! Laura also has played overseas & has played at many festivals & events in other states of Aus & in Nz Laura is a natural for 90s Trance but always seems to play different songs in her sets! Here on Stewi Mag we are hoping to catch up with Laura and hopefully do a little Q & A so we can even tell you more about her!! Down below will be a link to Laura's Socials make sure to check her out it'll be worth it!! You can also catch Laura playing at some of these events coming up!

10th December - Bloom Geelong (3 Hour Set)

18th December - Untitled Day Party #7


Here is where you can find Laura on her socials!


Spotify- @Laura King

Facebook- @Laura King

Below is a link to Laura's latest on Soundcloud as well where you can find her latest sets and mixes from her previous sets!! here is one of my personal favourites from Babylon 2019

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