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Interview: @The Unstable Fable

Introducing the straight demigod of psytrance music in Melbourne, none other than The Unstable Fable. Unstable to me personally is a person who I believe was sent here on earth to bless our ears with some of the best psychedelic trance music & production levels there is!

Unstable's tracks tell an incredible story from start to finish, with long intense breakdowns & always a driving kick & bass to add the darkness within his tracks. After seeing Unstable at Esoteric Festival this year I just knew I had to get this man on our psy trance edition for the mag! He is definitely not one to miss with hit tracks such as "Ascension", "New World Disorder" & "Return Of The Doof" these songs take you so far into the psy realm that it is actually hard to not enjoy it!

We now will be taking a further look into Unstable and finding out where did he get his motivation to begin mixing and producing psy trance & what are his thoughts on the current growing community for psychedelic music here in Australia. We recently caught up with him to find out all the answers!


Q & A:

Question 1: When did the drive to start mixing/producing & being involved in dance music & psytrance be a big thing for you in your life?

A: In 2018 at A.I gathering, an underground doof. I had an epiphany on the dancefloor Sunday morning that the only way to explain (and thus heal) the full extent of the psychological disturbances occurring in my head was through the language of Psytrance.

Question 2: What is your favourite thing about psytrance?

A: Psytrance is universal. It does not belong to western, eastern or any society. It is pure energy. It can enable telepathy. It was sent to us by the aliens.

Question 3: Your fav set you have played & why?

A: It may be esoteric 2021. When the pandemic begun, I said to my self that when esoteric comes back I would play for my first time. Then it actually happened, the whole journey to get there was a million life times. I put everything I could into that set. It was so much fun.

Question 4: Who has given you the drive to get where you are today?

A: Mozart, Albert Einstein, Greta thunburg, Astrix. My family, my psychologists, my romantic relationships and my friends. (scionaugh especially). The fans who tell me they love my music inspire me so much, especially those who can hear the message.

Question 5: Who is one of the artists who inspire you the most?

A: Mozart. Listen to mozarts Requiem. In terms of psytrance loud Astrix, Burn in Noise,Talpa, Solid Snake, Noface & Lunatica.

Question 6: How do you get so inspired to make the sort of tracks you do they are so unique? Like return of the doof.

A: My inspiration is drawn from pain in my life and pain in the world. Return of the doof is a good example to discuss. I began writing return of the doof just as covid hit. At this time I also broke up with my Girlfriend of the time. It felt like the end of the world, and so does the intro of return of the doof. The rest of the song you can hear the next 3 months of lockdown and the catharsis at the end.

Question 7: Do you like to think that psytrance tracks tell a story?

A: Not all of them tell a story. I mean all of them do tell a story but some tell stories that have a lot more depth than others. A lot of psytrance is very formulaic and made for a specific subgenre/label which is why I think parts of the genre is stagnating. People are afraid to experiment as they wont get on the label. Why cant we mix more of the different parts of the genres together?

Question 8: How do you make your tracks different from other psy artists?

A: I write all my tracks from the intro beginning to the end. I find more people tend to start with a loop and add bits, but I prefer creating a journey from start to end. I can write two types of songs. One meaningless psytrance fuck yeh cunt song that uses all the tricks and is fun and can be written in a week. Or I can write a song that tells the story of our journey through this dimension, that has a deep meaning and intention to heal.

Question 9: What are your thoughts on Esoteric festival & getting to play there?

A: Esoteric Festival is epic. The production is incredible for the amount of people there. They do a decent job of keeping it clean (rubbish wise) and not too many medical emergencies considering what rainbow turned into (I think the vibe got better after 2020). Obviously it breaks my heart every time I see someone blow out. And its not fair to tell juice users to fuck off we need to encourage healthy drug consumption across the board. Ostracising people never works. It was my dream to play there and when I started return of the doof. And I did. Manifestation can work if you really really want it enough.

Question 10: What track by you would you say is your most successful? or what one of your tracks is your favourite release?

A: Return of the doof is probably most successful. Its hard for me to say whats my favourite. I think my recent release New World Disorder is my favourite. There are a lot of underlying messages within the song. The words within the song say “you will see” “end times” and “women life freedom” in various languages.

Question 11: What is one piece of advice you can give to someone just starting to produce psytrance?

A: I would tell them to buckle up because you have thousands of hours to go before you are a pro. When I started I didn’t care about how long it would take. I knew it would take my whole life but that didn’t matter because I was sent on a mission. Ask yourself why are you doing this? Personally I’m doing it so that I can express deep seeded psychological trauma and angst I cant put into words, and because the feeling of watching a thousand people loose their shit to crazy music is as good as sex with someone you love deeply. It heals the world. Don’t forget your mission along the way. And it dosent have to be about the destination. Making weird sounds is really fun. Just take your time don’t beat yourself up for not getting good fast. It will take thousands of hours. Listen closely to the pros. Get span and reference. Youtube videos copy what they do and mix your knowledge.

Question 12: Your Favourite tune right now?

A: My favourite tune right DNA ADAMA. (but also mozarts requiem is always my favourite)

Question 13: How thankful are you for networking in the community & do you think this plays a huge role in bookings/connections?

A: Its ridiculous how supportive the doof community has been for me on every aspect of life. I need a car mechanic, or a chiropractor, or a new job, the doof fucking provides as long as you give back in some way. Networking does play a huge role but I don’t like to do it tbh. Id rather not suck up to someone to get something from them. People should not be treated as a means to an end, but rather an end within themselves. I prefer connections to flow naturally. It should be the music that matters, not how good I am at sucking up. As long as im an alright bloke I should be booked based on my music.

Question 14: Do you think the psytrance scene here in Melbourne needs more recognition?

A: The psytrance Scene in Melbourne has a fair amount of recognition. It hasn’t been easy considering how unfair some of the government regulations and policing surrounding festivals has been. Getting a permit is expensive, then you have to pay the cops to strip search us over false sniffer dog findings which I thought our taxes were paying for? They can fly drones over us and video us while we are naked and they can walk through our campsites at any moment. Cops have perhaps the hardest job, they deserve better rules to work with so that they aren’t forced to do questionable things. But im ranting here. The point is many doofs died because of the government and the police and the lockdown. We’ve done well considering and that’s a testament to the strength of our scene. But the state of sound systems in most of our clubs is atrocious. Its terrible for my hearing condition hyperacusis. Europes quality is much better. People will love psytrance when its fat not when its fuzzy. Some crews like Trojan have realised the need for better systems and actual real life sound guys. This will be great for the scene. Melbourne will get the recognition it deserves when it deserves it. And were getting there. The golden days some say have passed are just around the corner. Bring on the Doofolution

As you can tell Unstable definitely has quite a bit of knowledge in the psytrance scene & he hundred percent shows it in his unique mind of production and mixing!

You can also find Unstable here below on his socials!

Instagram: @the_unstable_fable

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