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Interview: @Ned Flangers

Introducing Ned Flangers, they are a funky fresh collaborative project of Melbourne based producers Avi & Simon, born out of their love for funky night time psytrance, focusing on high quality production with laser sharp synths and mean driving basslines. After both having seperate projects for different styles of production, they decided to come together to create a fusion of their styles and deliver a groovy, funky & fresh sound to rock d-floors across Australia and the rest of the world, find out more as we take a closer look into this rocking duo!

Flangers are on the current rise after their breathtaking set at Esoteric 2023. With releases such as "Bush Doofs" & their debut EP as a duo labelled "742 Evergreen Terrace" Flangers are definitely ones to look out for in the psytrance scene in the future! Playing at most psytrance events around here in Melbourne you can catch them at places such as MyAeon etc. Signed to Yokshaa Records you can except some more heavy hitters to be released by the duo such as their long awaited release of the notorious remix of "Crazy Frog".

We recently caught up with the duo to find out how their career has shaped out in the scene since deciding to be a duo, they also have given their opinions on the psytrance scene here in Melbourne.


Q & A:

Question 1: When did the drive to start mixing/producing & being involved in dance music & psytrance be a big thing for you in your life?

A: In 2016, we got completely hooked on the awesome world of music production. It all started with hip-hop and rap, but then, in 2018, something magical happened at this mind-blowing festival that opened our ears to a whole new level of sonic possibilities - psytrance! It was like nothing we had ever experienced before. From that point on, our love for producing music and DJing grew even stronger, with psytrance becoming the driving force behind our creative journey.

Question 2: What is your favourite thing about psytrance?

A: Love the crazy sound design you can achieve, and the groove that makes you dance without realizing it - psytrance sounds like nothing else.

Question 3: Your fav set you have played & why?

A: Our recent set at Esoteric Festival in March was absolutely wicked, the crowd was going unbelievably wild. Another memorable one was when we travelled to Perth to perform on Halloween last year.

Question 4: Who has given you the drive to get where you are today?

A: Every time we go to a festival or a dancefloor, we get inspired again and again to keep creating new music.

Question 5: Who is one of the artists who inspires you the most?

A: Really love all the Looney Moon records artists at the moment, really unique and fun styles of music. If we had to name one, probably Render, he's killing it at the moment!

Question 6: How did you guys meet? & come up with the duo name Ned Flangers?

A: Simon and I have been friends for about 8 or 9 years now, just know each other from around the block...

The name is actually a funny story, we were sitting around a campfire at a party and brainstorming names with a few mates. It came as a result of that.

Question 7: Do you like to think that psytrance tracks tell a story?

A: Of course! Each track tells its own chapter and we try to tell a whole story with our sets.

Question 8: How do you make your tracks different from other psy artists?

A: Just having fun and making strange things happen...happy accidents?

Question 9: What are your thoughts on Esoteric festival & Getting to play there?

A: Honestly it's one of the highlights of our careers thus far, we had been attending Esoteric Festival for years before and always dreamed of sharing our music there. Shout out to the Ascension stage team for blessing us.

Question 10: What track by you would you say is your most successful? or what one of your tracks is your favourite release?

A: People really seem to love the first track on our first EP a lot, but more recently we have a new track coming out on Patronus Records, which has been played at Boom Festival on the Dance Temple stage by Megapixel, which was pretty unreal!

Thanks Meg!

Question 11: What is one piece of advice you can give to someone just starting to produce psytrance?

A: Just keep making tracks, not every piece you create will be perfect. I'd say we throw out about 3 tracks for every 5 that we make.

Question 12: Your Favourite tune right now?

A: Hard to pick many good tracks being released at the moment.

We are really enjoying Jimi Green's new stuff from his recent Boom Festival set.

Question 13: How thankful are you for networking in the community & do you think this plays a huge role in bookings/connections?

A: For sure, meeting people at events and festivals has played a huge role. It's much better when they can put a face to the name.

Question 14: Do you think the psytrance scene here in Melbourne needs more recognition?

A: We think it's in a good place. During COVID it definitely took a hit, but most things did... It's slowly building back its energy and lots of cool stuff is happening in the scene around Melbourne.

You can also find Ned Flangers here on their socials!!

Instagram: @nedflangers_

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