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Interview: TrakBurn (@servosunnies)

Based in Melbourne TrakBurn has just come off a stellar set at the recent Black Market Victoria event a few weeks back! Jack's style is unique in not only his DJ'ing skills but also producing wise! Jack is planning to have an EP released very soon on a very special label that we can't announce yet. Knowing Jack personally he has come along way and is continuing to grow more & more!.


Jack has played at the likes of Arteq & New Guernica along with some secret parties along the way, his set at Black Market was an old 2000's trance set & was seriously one to remember! We recently caught up with Jack to tell us more about the future for him!

Interview w TrakBurn:

Q & A:

Question 1: When did the drive to start mixing and being involved in Dance music be a big thing for you in your life?

A: I started Listening to dance music fairly young, about 14-15 years old. Instantly fell inlove discovering new genres as the years went by.

To this day it has been the best thing to happen to me, live breathe and love dance music.

Question 2: Being a close friend of yours i know how long you've been holding onto this ep for! how keen would you say you are for it to come out?

A: Too excited for the listeners to be able to hear the EP, very keen to also hear feedback and what the thoughts are on the style of dance it turned out to be.

With that being said, i do can’t focus on one style/genre of dance. I like to think Trak Burn is an expansion of different styles and genres of dance music only because i am physically and mentally in able to stick to one.

Question 3: What are your goals for 2022?

A: To release as much music much music as possible and to make as many people dance as hard as they can. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people dancing to electronic music.

Question 4: What do you personally think is the most important thing in the community of music & Dance?

A: For everyone to to love and respect everyone else and just enjoy the art of dance music.

Question 5: Favorite all time tune?

A: Hip’ee (Haus) - Half Moon ( A.M Synaptic Mix)

Question 6: Your recent set at black market would you say this is a big step for you?

A: Big step of many i hope, had a lot of fun, played some mental tunes. Love it.

Question 7: What would you say is the key to knowing when your tracks are ready?

A: Its hard because i listen to my tracks over and over again to make sure everything is perfect, and it gets to the point where i’m sick of the song. which sucks because i know the tracks have potential but i guess it’s just a gut feeling and knowing when everything’s completed.

Question 8: What is one piece of advice you can give to those just starting in the industry?

A: Give it your all, Love dance music for what it is and just enjoy it. Even if you never get anywhere making and playing your own music is very rewarding and should be cherished and enjoyed.

Question 9: Is 2022 going to be a huge year for you & if so why?

A: I like to think so, every year is a good year if you push to achieve what you want.

Question 10: What is your lifedream goal as a DJ/Producer?

A: Like i said, to Make as many people dance as possible. Simple. I love dance music, always have and always will, and i want to have that impact on others. Open their eyes to the beautiful art we call Electronic Dance Music.


You can also find Jack on his socials below!


Instagram: @servosunnies

Soundcloud: @TrakBurn

Here is also Jack's latest EP he dropped about a year ago titled "NORF WEST EP"!! This is why I am so keen to see his upcoming release coming sooner than you think on a very special label so look out for him!

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