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Interview: Sam Alfred (samalfredd)

Sam Alfred's recent move to Melbourne has given him a huge push in the industry! Moving from Tasmania to Melbourne Sam has love for house music & has recently just got a gig @ Strawberry Fields Festival! We caught up with him and did a Q & A here's what he had to say!


Q & A:

Question 1: When did the love and passion for music become a big thing in your life?

A: I’d probably say when I was like 12/13 I got an iPad then started buying a bunch of albums and songs whenever I got iTunes gift vouchers for presents, and just getting so many different types of music made me really interested in music which then led me to begin playing instruments like violin and piano which really got me into music, But in terms of electronic music it’d have to be when I first moved to Melbourne I fell in love with all the clubs and events and all the different types of music which was getting played.

Question 2: Favourite venue you have played at or your favourite set to date?

A: Ahaha well I’ve only played one gig, which was at Bourke street courtyard for a Novel event, so that’s probably my favourite.

Question 3: How excited are you for your debut at Strawberry Fields?

A: Sooooo Excited! I’m so stoked to be playing at one of Australia’s biggest festivals, and I can’t wait for it, i would love to be playing an afternoon set as well, I feel like that’s when the vibes are the best at festivals!

Question 4: Do you have any upcoming track drops or music ideas for the future?

A: Yes! I’ve got three EP’s on the way, including a vinyl which is really cool, i also have a lot of unfinished tracks which need to be done when I have time.

Question 5: ·Do you have a go to fit for onstage? or do you mainly just wing it?

A: Honestly I just wing it, usually like a pair of pants and a tee will do me! Especially oversized tees, I find they’re very comfortable

Question 6: Are you looking at doing any collabs with future DJ's/ Producers in the future?

A: Yeah, for sure! I plan on doing a collabs with some friends of mine soon, so keep your ears peeled for that! I’d also love to do a B2B set with one of my friends. I feel like that’d be so much fun, hopefully that is something I can do down the track.

Question 7: What is your go to track at the moment?

A: Great question, Id have to say Say U Luv Me– Karma Kid (Salute Remix) I’ve been listening to a lot of salute at the moment, he makes the sickest garage, I highly recommend him!

Question 8: What is the style of music you like to produce and play at your sets?

A: I’m a big House guy, I love house music but honestly when I'm producing I make a drum beat first and then that dictates the direction I’ll take the track, so it just depends on my mood when producing. In terms of sets, I feel like it depends what time I’m playing!

Question 9: What is one piece of advice you can give to someone starting in the industry?

A: One piece of advice I heard from UK DJ ASH-R was if you’re producing music, just keep putting it on SoundCloud because someone will hear it, I listened to that and I just thought, “that is do dumb” as there is millions of people on SoundCloud what makes your tracks so special, but as I was putting out tracks on SoundCloud, people did hear it which led me to getting some great opportunities(Mixes, Releases). So I think releasing music and mixes is pretty important, as well as just having a crack, not really any harm in giving something your best shot, even if it doesn’t pay off!

Here is one of Sam's recent sets that he recorded for Phenomena Radio EP 5 on Skylab


Instagram: @samalfredd

Soundcloud: @samalfred567

Spotify: @Sam Alfred

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