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Interview: MARSH LONG (@marshlong)

Showcasing in Melbourne Marsh is known for her heavy electronic sounds & driving basslines in her sets! Marsh has played at clubs all around the Melbourne Techno scene including places such as Revolver Upstairs, New Guernica, MyAeon, Glamorama Bar & many more! We recently caught up with her to ask a few questions!


Marsh has a love for strong heaving techno which she produces out in her sets! she is a very talented DJ & has been in the Industry for about 3 years now! Eventually Marsh wants to travel all over Europe where this techno is mainly played! We caught up with Marsh for her to tell us more about her!

Q & A:

Question 1: When did the love and passion for music become a big thing in your life?

A: I began my obsession and love for music since I was very young playing classical piano and violin. Growing up mastering the skill of expressing myself and showcasing it when I play whatever instrument it might be. When I was in high school I played in orchestras around Melbourne and that has taught me early on that the way I performed can have an impact on how the audience reacts. However there was a point where I was very focused on my design work and I completely stopped music. Fast forward in time, I drenched myself in the nightlife of Melbourne and discovered dance music, I fell in love with the feeling of adrenaline with this kind of music so I started collecting a lot of this music on my Spotify and SoundCloud since 2016. In 2019, I made the decision to sign up for Your Shot where I learnt the basics of DJing and played my first set in front of a huge crowd of people, and ever since that day I never looked back... everything escalated and is escalating.

Question 2: Favourite venue you have played at & your favourite set?

A: My first time playing at Revolver Upstairs in 2020 was quite a monumental moment for myself. Not only did I play straight after the father and king Spacey Space himself, but it was also at my favourite time on a Sunday afternoon at 1:00 PM where all my favourite people were there, that's when all the members and regulars of Revolver crew went. Spacey Space has always helped me out a lot in the scene and to play after him at my favourite venue was quite a moment never to forget. The energy in the room, all the people I love, I knew exactly what to play and what journey to take everybody on, and I wanted to make sure that it was an unforgettable day for the people who made it the first Sunday back after the lockdown in 2020.

Question 3: What song has ever cleared the dance floor?

A: There's a right time and place for every song, so sometimes a certain song might sound good at a certain venue and not so much in others. One time I played at Yorkshire Hotel in the outdoor area where it was a very different demographic of people compared to the typical underground clubs. I got too excited and played an acid song which immediately cleared the floor because it was an outdoor day time event, and the song scared the people, so they all left to get a drink at the bar. That struck my attention straight away and I quickly made a 180° with the music and played something more appropriate for the people, which lured their attention to come back thankfully.

Question 4: Do you have any upcoming track drops or music ideas for the future?

A: I'm generally slower with producing content compared to other artists mostly because I spend a bit more time on each project making sure the quality is in par with the standard I set for myself. At the moment, I'm still working on my new tracks which encapsulates a lot of electronic, acid, steady drum beats and industrial sounds. In terms of the future, I do have quite a few gigs I'm really looking forward to, I'm firstly excited to get back to Glamorama and Poof Doof, my 2 residencies at the moment. But I'm also really looking forward to playing my first set for Warehouse3000 as I am the new member of the crew. A few more firsts for me will be playing at Babylon Day Party at The Third Day under Hardware Group, I'm really excited to play in a shed with high energy punters. And lastly, I'm very excited to be playing my first proper festival in February 2022, which will be announced on socials later this year.

Question 5: Who inspires you?

A: Pan-Pot will always be my biggest inspiration, the duo has been in the music scene for more than a decade, yet still so humble and work together so well. Not only is the quality of every single set and track they put out always jaw dropping but also they aren't afraid of taking it a bit easy and having fun. Similarly Amelie Lens, I also really love as she has never changed as a person yet has rapidly grown in the techno scene because of the sound she is pushing for and the mind blogging sets she plays.

Question 6: Are you looking at doing any collabs with future DJ's/ Producers in the future?

A: My goal is to move to Europe sometime in the near future after the lockdowns in Melbourne, so I am planning to collaborate with artists on that side of the world. So far, I would dream to collaborate with someone like or Drums Theory as I think their music style sits in line with mine.

Question 7: What is your go to track atm?

A: That's a very hard question because there are so many I fall in love with and I keep discovering new ones too. But recently, I have fallen in love with TRYM's and Mehen's music, because both their sound draws a lot of influence from classic trance music with a techno format. 'Sparkling System' by TRYM has been on repeat for myself as I like all the changes that happen in the track but leaves me in awe with how I feel every time.

Question 8: What is the style of music you like to produce and play at your sets?

A: I definitely love music that has a heavy electronic sound and a driving bassline with a touch of hitting people in the feels. Music becomes an audio experience for people, so if they can attach an emotion to a set, it instantly becomes memorable and something people long to experience again. The journey in my sets are very important, so I have a wide range of tracks which are all very unique but still sound like me, the idea is to play a set with everyone's eyes closed yet they all know it's MARSH LONG.

Question 9: What is one piece of advice you can give to those people just starting in the industry?

A: Don't send your mixes to promoters, don't ask for gigs, go and support the events you love. There's a lot of new starters who think sending mixes to promoters are going to land gigs, chances are the promoters receive hundreds of mixes all the time so they probably won't listen to them. The best way is to make good connections with people, and show appreciation for the events you love and would like to eventually play for. The other thing is to be patient, the gigs will come so don't be afraid, the recognition will come but sometimes things take time, and when they do come, make sure you ace it. Don't ever take any opportunity for granted. The last piece of advice is to never get comfortable where you are, because as soon as you get comfortable, that's when you don't progress and you will slowly deteriorate. Most importantly, have fun!

Here is one of Marsh's sets on Soundcloud which is titled CH 07 II ALTER EGO


Instagram: @marshlong

Soundcloud: @marshlongmusic

Facebook: @Marsh Long

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