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Interview: Heatwave Tommy (@portroyalraw)

Heatwave Tommy is a up & coming DJ from Melbourne's North below is a quick brief with Tommy and what can you expect from him in the future!


Tommy drive & passion for dance music is what brings his elemental tracks & sets! Coming from Melbourne Tommy enjoys fast trance & underground techno, Tommy is also signed to Haptic Music with a few new tracks coming soon, Tommy also loves repping a lot of brands based down here in Melbourne! Below is a series of questions we asked Tommy here was his response.

Q & A:

Question 1: When did the love and passion for music become a big thing in your life?

A: I love this question haha, every time I get asked i’ve always got a different answer cause music has been a huge part of my life for as long as i can remember. The earliest memory of electronic music however was my uncle showing me The Presents and The Prodigy when I was around 10 years old i think. I’ve had my Music for The Jilted Generation on CD since then, can’t believe it still works. My passion for electronic music grew from then I guess, i’ve had a huge appreciation for it, especially after moving to Melbourne from rural vic. But my love for the industry was cemented after seeing Merve at some event, funny now that I can’t remember what it was but I do remember being just absolutely mesmerized and from then on I knew that was what I wanted to do with my life.

Question 2: What is your favourite thing to wear at a set & your favourite brand to rep?

A: I love repping my mates brands and local Naarm labels (ocray, reptant, PAM etc). I do like just wearing what’s comfortable for me to wear and what I personally like wearing.

Question 3: Do you have any upcoming track drops or music ideas for the future?

A: I've had some tracks in the pipeline for a while now, but have been struggling to finish them haha. But definitely keep your ears peeled in the near future ;). As for music ideas, I've definitely redesigned my sound in the last few months, straying away from techno and trance and more into UKG and bass. But will always still stay true to my roots.

Question 4: Who inspires you?

A: I'm super inspired by Naarm (Melbourne) artists. I’d say my all time favorite artists wouldbe OK EG. Their production is just unmatched. Reptant gave me my love for electro andSleep D have mesmerized me time after time at their gigs.

Question 5: Are you looking at doing any collavs with future DJ's/ Producers in the future?

A: Not me personally, I'd like to keep that for down the track in my production career but through HAPTIC we’ve got some gnarly collabs in the pipeline that everyone should watch out for.

Question 6: What is your go to track & crowd pleaser?

A: The classic crowd pleaser I've played at almost all my trance gigs is Zombie Nation.Always a good track to pump out mid set, before a genre change or just to get everyone up and about. As for my go to track, i’ve been bumping so much new UKG lately and Sensational Dub by Interplanetary Criminal is definitely my go to track right now.

Question 7: What is the style of music you like to produces and play at your sets?

A: I actually started out playing melodic techno but as my horizons widened as I met new people and discovered new music I quickly changed to the harder side of techno and trance. There’s just something about the insanely fast bpm that just does something for me. At the moment it’s UGK, speed garage, Jungle and DNB. I’m so in love with the scene in England and all the new music being pumped out i’m so about. I’m currently producing some UGK (to my best attempt) and i’m super excited to show everyone cause it’s been a long road.

Here is a set Tommy recorded for Novel's Podcast Series on Soundcloud called "Novelcast"


Soundcloud - @Heatwave Tommy

Instagram - @portroyalraw

Instagram - @hapticmusic

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