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Interview: @False Persona

Originating from the UK False is a very big DJ/Producer over there! I am a big fan of his song production & if i ever travel to the UK he is on my list to see that is for sure! False just released a sell out record as well after this whole pandemic it is labelled "Acid Avengers". We caught up with False recently for an interview this is what he had to say!!


Q & A:

Question 1: When did the love and passion for music become a big thing in your life?

A: I've always loved music from a young age but I think it really started to become more of a passion for me at around 14-15 when I started discovering more underground stuff that most people my age weren't aware of at the time.

Question 2: Who Inspires you?

A: Music-wise just anyone who's pushing a different narrative and doing their own thing. Artists like LCY, Cocktail Party Effect, Batu, Ploy etc. are just a few artists that I really look up to at the moment in terms of just going against the grain.

Question 3: Favourite venue you have played at or favourite set to date?

A: In all honesty before COVID hit last year, I wasn't really getting booked anywhere so can't say I have heaps of experience when it comes to playing out - so I'd probably have to go with my b2b at FOLD with SAAH. Really sick weekend and was wicked to play in the iconic lift.

Question 4: Your biggest achievement in the industry for you?

A: Definitely having a sell out record with Nite Fleit who's literally one of my all time favourite producers! Her music initially got me into the more breaky electro stuff after seeing her play a couple times back in 2018/19. Would never have even dreamed we'd have a record together one day.

Question 5: Do you have any upcoming track drops or music ideas for the future?

A: Loads of really exciting bits in the pipeline but after a pretty busy couple months of releases I'm just taking some time to write new stuff at the moment.

Question 6: Your new EP with Nite Fleit labelled Acid Avengers how long was that project developed for & are you happy with the outcome?

A: Couldn't be happier with the release, still so buzzed! I think we first started working on it back in July/August 2020? Definitely well over a year ago so it's been a long time coming. We were originally set to release at the beginning of summer this year but with all the annoying pressing plant delays going on at the moment it had to be pushed back.

Question 7: Are you looking at doing any collabs with future DJ's/Producers in the future?

A: I'm actually currently working on a handful of collabs at the moment with some good friends who are also some of my favourite producers. No idea when they'll be out but really enjoying working with other people.

Question 8: Favourite all time tune?

A: Suuuper difficult question!!! But it's always gonna be Flim by Aphex Twin.

Question 9: Have you ever had a song that cleared the dancefloor?

A: When I was 17 a friend and I played an acid house set in a pub that didn't contain many people under the age of 50. An old lady came up to us and said "well done you've managed to empty the whole pub". Should have given her a couple tabs, I'm sure she'd have loved it.

Question 10: Do you have a certain style you enjoy producing and playing out at venues?

A: Producing, I'll generally just make whatever I'm vibing with at the time. Playing out though I really like to bounce through different genres but still keeping the energy high. Loads of vocal-driven stuff - really keeps people on their toes.

Question 11: What is one piece of advice you can give to those people just starting out in the industry?

A: I'm definitely still really new to the industry myself - but what I can say is just keep on going. There's gonna be loads of times you'll think about giving up and things won't go right but you'll get there eventually. Same applies to anything in life, perseverance is key.


Instagram: @falsepersonaa

Soundcloud: @FALSE PERSONA

Spotify: False Persona


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