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Interview: Bella Claxton (@bellaclaxton)

Well well well where do we start!? Bella has been one of the most striving DJ's out of Naarm after her insane performance at Let Them Eat Cake at the start of the new year! Bella thrives for the hard house & techno vibes in her sets after performing at many gigs throughout this year with many more planned on the agenda I hope! Bella is also the curator of In House Radio which brings on local Naarm Artists/DJ's who have been killing the game in the scene. Bella has supported legends such as Ben Klock, Papa Smurf, UMEK & has also held her own show @color club this year!


I was lucky enough to play after Bella @ the recent Shelter Festival @Seaworks, where i got to see her in action, I feel honored and privileged to support someone who is absolutely killing the scene at the current moment!

We recently caught up with Bella, to ask her what she has in mind for 2022 & the rest!

Q & A:

Question 1: When did the drive to start mixing and being involved in Dance music be a big thing for you in your life?

A: I have always been into dance music, the earliest memory I have of dance music would be driving on the way to primary school and mum pumping the Wild FM CDs in her car and we would be listening to The Prodigy, Rui Da Silva and Fragma at the ripe age of 8. In 2019 I started Djing and managed to get a residency at a local bar in Albury and would play 4 - 6 hour sets, mainly house and electronic music that everyone would know like disclosure and kaytranada as background noise. I then went to my first Pitch and then caught a flight to Europe where I went to Kappa Future, Melt, BPM and Sziget festival. After soaking up 12 months of hard house and techno i was obessed. When i moved to Melbourne early 2022 I was still really inspired from my travels and wanted to play the Melbourne club scene.

Question 2: What has been the most important thing for you so far in 2022?

A: I honestly think having internationals coming back to Aus has helped me I was feeling very uninspired at the end of 2021 felt like I was at a dead-end trying to find new music, hearing the same songs out every week and seeing the same people DJ, I kind of felt like the scene was going in circles. Roza Torenzi at Small Town and well the whole of Pitch has really re-lit the spark of Djing for me

Question 3: How is your 2022 planning out at the moment since the covid outbreak is finally over?

A: From Jan 1st up until the first weekend of May has been flat out for me. I felt coming out of lockdown could have gone one or two ways either people would have forgotten about me or they would want to book me so I'm happy it was the latter. I was really lucky to be picked up by Associated Artists coming out of lockdown and they have really helped me get the right gigs for my sound, being able to play Let Them Eat Cake and after Ben Klock has allowed me to play my sound to a bigger audience.

Question 4: Favorite Gig or Fav Venue you have played at recently?

A: Defiantly would have to be at Home the Venue in Sydney after Ben Klock. I played 4:30am - 6am and kept the energy in the room until close which is always a special feeling.

Question 5: Favorite All time tune?

A: I think Duke So In Love With You (Funky Engine Remix) will always get me. Way Out West - Domination that is just a perfect track.

Question 6: Who inspires you?

A: Job Jobse is always my No 1 inspo. But recently Roza Torenzi and Anetha have me hooked with their sound.

Question 7: What would you say is your style when it comes to your sets?

A: I can't go past Hard House. Somewhere in between House, Techno and Trance

Question 8: How many times do you practice a week before a big gig? do you have sets planned or take it as it comes?

A: I normally like to jump on once a week, I used to prepare all my sets but now I just make them all up on the fly. Normally ill check out Bandcamp for some new tracks the night before a gig and give them a test run.

I do however pre-prepare for really big gigs - My worst fear is clanging a transition in front of a big crowd.

Question 9: What is one piece of advice you can give to someone just starting in the industry?

A: Listen to as many sets as you can and don't be afraid to introduce yourself with an email and a mix to clubs where you would like to play.

Question 10: What is your life dream goal as a DJ/Producer?

A: I think the ultimate goal would be to play Boiler Room at Dekmatel or the loft at ADE

Question 11: You have played behind huge names this year such as Ben Klock, Juicy Romance etc. are you planning on continuing these huge gigs?

A: Definitely! I really want to lock down some bigger festival/club gigs at the back end of this year when the weather gets warmer, it's Let Them Eat Cakes 10 year anniversary this year so I would love to try and get a spot on this line up there is sure to be some HUGE names on there.

Overall Bella's performances are unmatched with her love for hard house/trance/techno she brings so much diversity into the scene & I can't wait to see what the future holds for her! You should check out more of her stuff below.


Instagram: @BellaClaxton

Soundcloud: Here is Bella's guest mixes playlist which even has her LTEC set on it!

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