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Things are starting to be normal again!

Well well well, over time since our last drop things have started to make it's way back to normal again! I've decided to showcase to you guys what I have been up to over this past month or so and what is coming up in the future for the community!

Dark Melbourne

Where do I even start Dark Melbourne could of seriously been the event of the year, with names such as Alex Stein, Klangkuenstler, Bryan Kearney, Scot Project just to name a few! This event was non stop heat from start to finish, it was actually incredible to see such talent on a day full of incredible tunes, is hard to say who had set of the night! Shout out to the people at Paradigm & Dangerous Goods for hosting a killer!

Bryan Kearney

Alex Stein


STUM @ Colour & Laura King @Xe54

Weekend just passed, I was lucky enough to see 2 of Melbourne's trending DJ's at the moment both headlining shows were incredible and both Laura & Jack know how to work a crowd & keep them dancing shoes on! It's crazy to see how we have both had these 2 on our magazine & they haven't stopped smashing it since!

STUM @ Colour

Laura King @ Xe

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