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Taxi.Xo x Stewi + Interview

Taxi.xo is a new & upcoming brand that i have been in the works with for a few months now they make a lot of custom stuff ranging from jeans, shirts, crewnecks etc.

We recently caught up with @taxi.xo and asked them a few questions about their stuff and their website! Here's what they had to say!

Question 1: When did you Start Taxi. XO as a brand?

A: I originally started taxi during the first lockdown of 2020, being confined within my home space, I had a sewing machine and started to experiment which later grew into a passionate hobby which I wanted to publicly share my clothes and grow a establishment from this.

Question 2: What do you call the collection of clothing you make?

Its kind of hard to categorise one specific genre for my clothing style but I love the idea of re-innovating existing pieces and supporting the idea of sustainability. Taking inspiration from much greater topics and themes outside fashion such as music and skate culture. I like to combine the aesthetic of different genres into a form of clothing.

Question 3: What plans do you have in the future for Taxi. Xo

I see so much life and growth in taxi as I want to just continue my grind. Expanding and experimenting with new styles and garments to reach new audiences. I currently study fashion design at RMIT which is also further benefiting my creativity and new design possibilities.

Question 4: Are you looking at collabing with Stewi in the future for some more custom stuff?

Me and ze homie Stew have greater plans to hopefully expand outside the fashion world but combine the culture of music and aesthetics within my clothing. Love the idea of colliding different art mediums.

Question 5: How long does it usually take to make a piece for someone or for your website?

It varies, but usually the often garment created takes anywhere between one day to a week. All depends on my idea I want to achieve as some pieces require multiple processes such as embroidery or multiple of layers of materials. Furthermore, creating patterns for unique designs.

Question 6: Are there any other clothing brands you inspire to be like?

I surprisingly don’t really have many brands that I inspire from. But there are various brands that I take inspiration from based on their marketing approach and how they engage back into the community and their desired audience. How other brands visually communicate their ideas is something interesting to me.

You can check out more of their stuff below via social media and their website!

The pants in the second photo is their most recent customs that they made for me i chose the designs and the turnout was unreal! @taxi & I have decided maybe in the future that we do a collaboration idea so stay tuned for some more news!


Instagram: @taxi.xo

If you would like to see another brand featured in Stewi Mag make sure to recommend it!

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