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Mertra Mertra a new up & coming clothing brand from Melbourne!

Mertra Mertra is a clothing company based in the Melbourne area, their range isn' the biggest yet but they definitely have some fresh as stuff you should cop!


We recently caught up with the curator of Mertra Mertra to tell us more about eh brand and what you can expect from them in the future!

Interview w Mertra Mertra:

Q & A:

Question 1: When did you start mertramertra & has everything gone to plan?

A: The brand started in April/ May of 2021, but we really only got into doing daily work for long hours later in August. It took us another 5 months to feel ready to publicise our work, when we finally launched on the 5th of January 2022.

The challenges we encountered that led to us launching so long after we started the brand were really a blessing in disguise. It was a ‘learn quick’ situation as we were so eager to get our stuff out there, but the barriers faced (manufacturer dissatisfaction, printing delays, etc.) put us in good stead for the future. It gave us a stupid amount of knowledge about things we had never even considered prior to starting.

Our brand revolves around envisioning the future, which means our designs are meant to look futuristic. There’s definitely a fine line between finding what looks good as a design, vs what looks good on a garment & this has been a struggle for us at times. We are improving at this with each drop we’ve planned, and you’ll notice it over the next few months.

Question 2: Where do you guys get your street garments from?

A: Our gear is manufactured in Pakistan, and printed here in Melbourne.

Question 3: What is the purpose of mertramertra?

A: The purpose of mertramertra is to use our designs as a vehicle to envision the future - something we are always looking towards. Our goal is to set a new standard of classic streetwear in terms of designs, quality and uniqueness of garments. When someone chucks on one of our pieces, they should feel confident and excited. These are not just designs slapped on a t-shirt and printed in masses, they’re refined over and over before being released so that we feel like it’ll guarantee customer satisfaction.

Question 4: Where are you guys originated from?

A: We grew up in Melbourne as next door neighbours, and have been best mates since we were 4 years old

Question 5: Is Stewimag a good way do you think to help build your brand audience? & maybe give you guys some more sales?

A: The people that read Stewimag are likely to fit our target demographic, that being the youth and those into streetwear, so absolutely.

Question 6: Do you guys have a team at mertramertra or is everyone solo acquainted?

A: It’s just the 2 of us here :)

Question 7: How do you guys on your social media try and keep people engaged with your stuff?

A: We plan our social media posts weeks in advance. We make sure our posts are always high quality. We also conduct ourselves in a way where we don’t act as an entity/ business, but just as people, in attempts to build a personal relationship with our customers/ followers. We’ve done this through our humorous and interactive IG presence, as well as showing our faces in some posts, rather than always just posting the product. Overall, just not taking things so seriously and having fun with it! Additionally, having our collections super limited in quantities means if people are serious about copping, they have to stay up to date with where we’re at and be on the lookout for the next release, which obviously promotes higher engagement.

Question 8: How is mertramertra different to other clothing brands?

A: Our designs are different. You’ll see this with the more we put out, but what we’ve got in store is eye catching and hard to forget. We also have plenty of unique, uncommon garments in store to be released this year. We place an emphasis on quality, like having 230 GSM tees & 400 GSM hoodies. Customer experience is of top priority to us, which is why on the day of our first drop, we stayed up until 1am that night, packaging all orders so that they could be delivered to the buyer as soon as possible. We also aim to be extremely eco-friendly. We don’t publicise this often but we actually donate1% of every single purchase to help remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Our courier bags are made from biodegradable material, and our courier service is 100% carbon neutral! Finally, one of the biggest factors differentiating us from other brands, as spoken about earlier, is how we market our brand. We are constantly chatting to our followers on a day to day basis, forming a relationship with them, rather than just existing to sell clothes.

Question 9: How has covid Impacted mertramertra?

A: mertramertra was born during COVID. It’s where we built the foundation of the brand. The tricky part has been balancing normal life again whilst still putting solid hours into the brand, but we have found our rhythm now!

Question 10: Would you say at the moment that your brand is a success?

A: The growth has been unreal and it’s doing better than we expected, but we are nowhere near satisfied! :^)

You can also find them on their website and their Instagram down below!


Instagram: @mertramertra

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