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Interview: Ricky Nord (Harry Dalton)

If you know Area 3000 you know that they run a separate show hosted by none other than trance genius Ricky Nord! His club elevate channel is on the current rise after just having TRED as his last guest, he also has come off some pretty big gigs such as Xe54, The Gaso & Cicada.


Ricky is a lover for trance and hard house which is why i decided to interview him as we have similar taste & thought his track choices in his sets as well are incredible! We recently caught up with the legend to have a chat with him about his year & what we can expect in the future!

Q & A:

Question 1: When did the drive to start mixing and being involved in Dance music be a big thing for you in your life for you?

A: I have always loved music and dance music in particular. But I think the turning point for me was going to a festival in 2016 in France called Le Name, which had an incredible lineup including the likes of Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann & Stephan Bodzin. It was an eye opening experience music-wise and it inspired me to get into trying to mix properly and explore new genres of music.

Question 2: Do you have any further plans for 2022?

A: Yes for sure. There are some big plans for Club Elevate, we have some pretty exciting things coming up but I don’t want to give too much away! In terms of my own personal music endeavours, I have a few gigs locked in for the near future which is always exciting. It’s been a lot of fun lately.

Question 3: Favorite Gig or Fav Venue you have played at recently?

A: I think to be honest it’s probably the Gasometer Hotel in Collingwood. I always love playing there. It’s always got great energy and the place also holds sentimental value to me because that’s where I played my first proper gig. I love how there’s the ability to have the roof open during the day and then closed at night, it adds another element to the venue and the event at the time.

Question 4: Favorite All time tune?

A: Full Clip - Gang Starr

Question 5: Being the host of club elevate you no doubtly get emails/messages all the time regarding who to select, how do you go about this process?

A: I am lucky that I do get quite a lot of interaction from people through the show. I encourage everyone to reach out, whether that’s an artist recommendation or song submission to the show, I am always for it, the show is all about audience participation its heaps of fun. In terms of how I go about the process I try and reply to everyone who touches base and thank them for getting involved.

Question 6: Who inspires you?

A: Music wise? I can’t really narrow it down, I have been drawing a lot of inspiration from the local Naarm scene at the moment. The events, quality of music and energy that’s circulating at present gives me inspiration on the daily.

Question 7: Who is one person in your opinion that is getting heavy attention right now?

A: It’s got to be Sam Alfred doesn’t it? Man’s is running hot

Question 8: What is one piece of advice you can give to those just starting in the industry?

A: Get to as many different events as you can, hear lots of different music to help shape your sound. Meet people, become connected with people that way. I would say not to ask people for gigs, get involved with the local scene in any way you can and be patient when it comes to this, it can take time. Keep up to date with what’s happening around you in the scene, events wise, release wise ect. Become part of the community as much as possible.

Question 9: Name your style in 5 words!?

A: Energetic, Pacey, Diverse, Nostalgic, Open-Minded

Question 10: Would you say in this community it is important to network and get yourself noticed by others?

A: I think being connected in any community is important. I feel that being genuine and authentic with your connections is the key. It goes a long way when someone is actually genuinely connecting through a shared love of music rather than just connecting with people to get noticed.

Question 11: What has been the biggest drive after the covid outbreak here in Melb?

A: It would be developing Club Elevate. Having some time away from playing gigs myself during Covid, it allowed me to try to host a radio show which was very daunting at first but it’s been a super rewarding experience for me. It has also stimulated my music sound and knowledge quite a lot in a pretty short time. This will continue to be a huge driver for me, I can’t thank Sindy & Jay at Area 3000 enough for the support they have given me throughout it. Stay tuned for what’s to come!

You can also find him on his socials below!!


Instagram: @ricky_nord


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