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Interview: @Ollie Lishman

Our next selected artist is one of Melbourne's most trending at the moment & his name goes by none other than Ollie Lishman, Ollie is a well known artist who definitely has hit the scene at the right time to make a massive name for himself here in Melbourne, known for his groovy techno tracks such as "DEEPER" "2WIELD" "DOING IT 4 TIME" & many more Ollie will definitely be releasing some heaters throughout the year especially one unreleased track labelled "2 THA 3" which has even had recognition from artists such as DJ Heartstring.



Ollie has also been smashing out all the bookings recently in 2023, after recently travelling to Berlin in 2022 & also being based over there you can tell that trip has played a massive influence in Ollie's music drive & determination & also his own sound! Ollie has slammed the main room at Xe54 supporting dons Narciss & Franck, he has also recently headlined shows at Nexus & Isolation Station @New Guernica & has also played some interstate gigs over this year! Like i said previously we all better watch out for this man, because he is definitely on the hot run at the moment & doesn't seem to be slowing down!


We recently caught up with this legend to talk about how he got to where he is now & what his plans are for the future music wise. We also will be asking about his upcoming track releases and how important it is to network in the community.

Q & A:

Question 1: When did the drive to start mixing/producing & being involved in dance music be a big thing for you in your life?

A: Music and producing has been a big part of my life since I was young, I grew up playing piano and guitar. However in my adolescent years as I began going out more I found my love for dance music. Particularly my first time going to Strawberry Fields in 2018, I remember watching some of my fave artists at the time and feeling that energy, I thought to myself I want to do this. I began mixing in 2018 when my best mates bought me some decks for my birthday, just at our house parties and in my bedroom, but properly began producing dance music first in 2020 when covid struck. After quitting full time work in 2022 and travelling overseas to get immersed in the scene and meet my favorite artists that I look up to, is when it really became a big part of my life.

Question 2: What is your favourite thing about being a producer/DJ?

A: My favorite thing about producing music is the feeling I get when I start off a track and it just works, youre able to form something from the emotions youre feeling at that moment. I sort of get a vision of what the moment will be like when im playing it out or someone else is which always drives me to make sure its full of energy. Also undeniably, finding a good sample is a great feeling. Favorite part of Djing too is the travelling and meeting new likeminded people.

Question 3: Who has given you the drive to get where you are today?

A: My friends and artists that I look up to. Big shoutout to Narciss and Dj Heartstring specifically, I met them in Berlin last year and have been friends since. Narciss gave me the opportunity to have my tracks played on large platforms like Hoer and Boiler room early on, and for that im forever grateful, they have really helped me find my sound. Full circle moments this year on both of their Aus Tours where I supported Narciss.

Question 4: Who is one of the artists who inspire you the most?

A: Narciss, early on in my music career, they contacted me complimenting my music which at that stage I had probably 200 Soundcloud followers, they gave me advice on my tracks and were supportive in getting my music heard around the world. I feel my sound and grooves are also inspired by Narciss aswell as some other artists in the genre. Their energy and emotion during performances is how I aspire to perform when Djing.

Question 5: We have seen artists such as DJ Heartstring play some of your unreleased tracks recently! which one of these are you most keen to drop?

A: Im very keen to release my Debut EP, which features my anticipated track "2 THA 3', I would have to say that track im most excited for. But my universal groove edit is also up there. <3

Question 6: Travelling in europe for a while last year, would you say this has grown a huge impact on your perception of music today?

A: 100%, I urge any artists who really want to get into it to do the same. I was able to meet so many amazing people that Im still friends with today and cant wait to see them again in a couple months when I return! Dance music in Europe is so diverse and its really something that needs to be experienced especially as an artist.

Question 7: What is one piece of advice you can give to someone just starting in the industry?

A: Consistency, many people always ask me how im always making music, I release singles quite frequently and I think this helps with keeping your music fresh and keeping you active. Also undeniably, massive part is getting amongst your local music community, messaging and meeting likeminded people asking for advice, sharing music, going to events and speaking with other artists is huge.

Question 8: What has your favourite event been this year or one you are looking forward too?

A: Supporting Narciss and Franck at Xe54 was probably my fave, full circle moment. Im looking forward to playing some festivals this year and next ;)

Question 9: How thankful are you for networking in the community & do you think this plays a huge role in bookings/connections?

A: Massively, nothing comes without hardwork and you need to put yourself out there. I took a big step last year quitting my full time job to pursue something I truly love and am driven towards. Networking ive found like any industry really is about 'who you know', which I do wish was not the case. Starting up, I knew absolutely no one, but I decided to just speak to new people, make new friends in the space and get myself out there. Over time you'll create some great connections but at the start its hard no doubt but I urge any starting artist to just stay with it.

Question 10: Do you think the Naarm community is growing towards dance music scene?

A: Of course its growing big time, there are some aspects I think still need developing. But given all the events that get ran every week here and the amount of talented local artists that are coming from Naarm is just crazy at the moment.

Here is Ollie's Soundcloud & Spotify links you can access down below.

Instagram: @lishomode

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