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Interview: @Missé (Elly)

If you haven't heard the name by now do some research! Fresh off a stellar year, Missé is not one to miss especially after her @_thesoundgallery set. Missé is known for her high energy, rave & trancey sounds throughout her sets.

Playing at the likes of Revolver, Shelter, New Guernica, Al Gharib, Glam & Color Club just to name a few Missé has proven to showcase her talents through the club scene in 2022!


Even though she hasn't brought out a release yet you can 100% see her drive and passion in her sets that are really unmatched! Recently playing at Al Gharib bringing the crowd into sunrise Missé is going to be one to look out for in 2023!

We recently caught up with Missé to find out about her career as a DJ & what we can expect from her in the future!


Question 1: When did the drive to start mixing/producing & being involved in dance music be a big thing for you in your life?

A: I had always loved going to dj events and have been going to festivals and things like that since I was fresh 18. I always thought it would be amazing to play/be up there myself but didn't think too much of it. I was always chasing tracks in artists' sets and found myself getting obsessed with finding new music. Then, as I started to learn how to DJ I found beatmatching to come quite naturally to me and then it all just because a massive part of my life.

Question 2: Who has given you the drive to get where you are today?

A: Its so hard to pinpoint one person as there are so many reasons to enjoy music and mixing. I find the drive from various different people in my life however it also is really deep within yourself.

Question 3: What is your main focus right now in your music career?

A: Ideally I would love to be getting a few more sets out there with various different channels and podcasts. I would also love to start learning how to produce my own music to find my true personal sound.

Question 4: You have had so many bookings this year! which one has been your favorite? & if to play there again what type of set would you play?

A: My favourite would have to be my cameo at REVS the crowd had crazy energy and it was honestly so fun. If I was to play there again I would probably go a bit more ravey!

Question 5: Who do you think is the hottest up & Coming DJ in Naarm atm?

A: I would have to say my girl syrup-e I find myself on a few line ups with her and I just feel like we have the same love and drive in this industry. She's epic, so sweet and her track selection is mint!

Question 6: How do you go about networking out in the scene do you find hard or easy?

A: Networking is surprising, I wouldnt say it hard or easy as I have found it to be super fun, rewarding and natural. I have loved meeting new people along the waym our music night scene here in melbs is super open and everyone is so keen to get to know and support eachother. It definetly has meant going out a lot and staying up late here and there but overall quite fun and seamsless.

Question 7: All time fav track?

A: It fluctuates but I owuld have to say one that I always love belting is DJ Coldsteel - Burning Mansion (DEV Remix)

Question 8: What is one piece of advice you can give to someone just starting out in the industry?

A: GO TO THE EVENTS YOU WANT TO DJ AT! Play whatever you want to hear out, don't mold your sound into what you think people want to hear, be unique and stay true to who you want to be as an artist

Question 9: Name your style in 5 words!?

A: Trance, Ravey, High-Energy, Electro, Nostalgic

Question 10: What is your dream?

A: Im super superstition, so I wont share with you my all time dream. However, with music I am dreaming about traveling one day and being able to play a set internationally... that would be pretty sick.

Question 11: Do you feel like the Naarm community is growing stronger & stronger towards electronic dance music?

A: I think it's always had a presence here however, Yes 100% I feel like our electronic dance music scene has taken off and more and more Aussie artists are being noticed all over the world now. I also think our radio music has slightly changed to show this shift as well.

You can also find Missé on all her social media handles as well below!


Instagram: @missellypap


Tik Tok: @misse_ellypap

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