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Interview: Matt Pontikis (@mattpontikis)

One of Melbourne's finest melodic soft techno up & coming DJ's Matt Pontikis is starting to make a name for himself in the industry! Matt has also a Youtube Stream where you'll be taken on a journey in a unknown location, shot with incredible footage by cameras, a drone & Matt provides the sound for a beautiful combination! Matt has titled this series " Escape Series" We also recently caught up with Matt for him to provide us information with where you might see him play soon & where his passion comes from!



Interview w Matt

Q & A:

Question 1: When did the drive to start mixing and being involved in Dance music be a big thing for you in your life?

A: I have always been into music, originally house music and EDM, however when I travelled through Europe I fell in love with techno and more melodic sounds. After this trip I became obsessed with music to a whole new level and decided I wanted to start mixing myself.

Question 2: Who inspires you?

A: There are a range of dj and brands that inspire me. One of the most definitive would have to be Cercle. Although not a single person, this brand/concept was what really made me fall in love with music and djing. They are constantly pushing boundaries and creating iconic and emotional scenes. This has also inspired me to create my own Cercle esc series called Escape.

Question 3: Your biggest achievement in the industry for you?

A: It’s only small but playing my first gig was a big achievement for me. I always kept my mixing within my friendship group but did want to play gigs. Recently I have been branching out and have played my first couple of gigs with more on the horizon, so this was a big step.

Question 4: Biggest Set to Date & or favourite Venue you have played at?

A: My favourite set I have played so far was actually not even with a crowd. The Escape at the Abandoned factory was such a great moment, with my best mates in a crazy location.

I do have some gigs in 2022 that I am keen for and may top it.

Question 5: Do you have any upcoming track drops or music ideas for the future?

A: I am in the process of developing my production skills, but my main focus is the Escape series. There are some exciting plans in the works for early 2022, but I can’t reveal too much yet.

Question 6: Your Escape Series are you planning to this as an all time thing or play it by ear?

A: The goal with this series long term. I want to continually explore amazing locations through Victoria and eventually Australia. My vison with this is to expand into Escape events where these unique locations include and intimate crowd, establishing amazing experiences for both the crowd, djs and those at home watching.

Question 7: Favorite al ltime tune?

A: It’s cliché but Innerbloom. Rufus are the GOATs and how can you not love this tune.

Toyger (Mees Salome Remix) is also a song that I have a lot of good memories tied to.

Question 8: Have you ever had a song that cleared the dancefloor?

A: Never sir, only good tunes here.

Question 9: Do you have a certain style you enjoy producing and playing out at venues?

A: I love playing Melodic Techno. Powerful and emotional tracks. I have however recently enjoyed spinning some more funky tunes.

Question 10: What is one piece of advice you can give to those people just starting in the industry?

A: Find an idea and run with it. I think it is really important to showcase something unique and provide something of value to the industry. This then makes networking in the industry easier as you have something relevant and interesting to spark conversations.

Question 11: How much has covid affected you?

A: As much as I hated the situation it did actually benefit me. It gave me a chance to focus on myself and what I wanted to do, as a result I was able to plan and create this Escape series and take further steps into the music scene.


As you can see in the interview above Matt has a lot of things planned for 2022 & I'm very excited to see what he brings to the table this coming year!


You can find Matt on these social media platforms below!

Instagram: @mattpontikis

Facebook: Matt Pontikis

Soundcloud: @Matt Pontikis

Youtube: @Escape

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