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Interview: @DJTommyCraig

Tommy Craig has been in the industry for a hot minute now making a name for himself playing at Glamorama Bar @ Northside! Tommy Craig is a big fan of Minimal House/ Disco! We recently got the chance to catch up with this Up & Coming Melbourne DJ!


Tommy has some massive plans for the future but if you like what you hear make sure to catch up with him at Northside @Glam every Friday! He will for sure be there! We interviewed Tommy a few days ago & here is his response!

Q & A:

Question 1: When did the love and passion for music become a big thing in your life?

A: When I was younger we used to go to Bali quite a bit and they had those bootleg DVD and CD shops. I would just stick my hand into the CD pile and just grab a couple disks and go and play them. But in terms of house music definitely started with EDM such as Nicki Romero and Martin Garrick.

Question 2: Who inspires you?

A: My biggest inspiration right now has to be DJ Boring. He was the reason I bought my first decks and started to play gigs as just the energy and passion he puts into his sets really inspires me to do the same.

Question 3: Favourite venue or favourite set to date?

A: My favourite venue has to be Glamorama with the North / Side boys. Playing for them normally and their Solar Day Party is such an unreal experience every time and every set gets better.

Question 4: Do you have any upcoming exciting gigs you want to tell?

A: All top secret right now mate but I will say keep your eyes peeled for January.

Question 5: Do you have any upcoming track drops or music ideas for the future?

A: I am working on an EP at the moment which I hope to have released on a big record label ;)

Question 6: Do you have a go to fit for onstage? or do you mainly just wing it?

A: I buy new songs every week but I just play what the crowd is feeling at that time. My goal is to just put a smile on everyone’s face and get them dancing.

Question 7: Are you looking at doing any collabs with future DJ's/ Producers in the future?

A: I’m working on myself at the moment but I have some boys like Anthony Kakucska and Kyle Donohue who I will be working on some tracks with in the near future.

Question 8: Favourite all time tune?

A: Spinning Around by Queen Kylie Minogue. Find me a better song I dare you.

Question 9: Have you ever had a song that cleared the dancefloor?

A: Never in my life. The dancefloor is always full

Question 10: Do you have a certain style you enjoy playing? or is the varitey wide?

A: Mainly Minimal House and Disco.

Question 11: What is one piece of advice you can give to someone starting in the industry?

A: Networking is key. I wouldn’t be at the stage im at if I didn’t go out and meet people. Just go to different clubs and be nice to everyone and you’ll meet the right people!

You can check out Tommy Craig's latest Soundcloud set titled "Minimal Tech Vol 1." here is also some of the tracks he has produced as well! You can also contact or follow him on social media below!


Instagram: @DjTommyCraig

Facebook: Tommy Craig

Soundcloud: Tommy Craig

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