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Interview: @Cybernet (Michael Giese)

One of Melbourne's hottest Upcoming DJ/Artists is one by the name known as Cybernet, Cybernet likes to produces his tracks with a selective choice of progressive trance & break, Michael is also the founder of @yeux magazine where just like Stewi Mag they provide information on all the popular Up & Coming DJs in the Melbourne scene, he will explain more in our interview we conducted with him.


Q & A w Cybernet:

Question 1: When did the drive to start mixing and being involved in Dance music be a big thing for you in your life?

A: I wasn't very into electronic music up until around 2018 or so, where I was just starting to really enjoy that funky early 2000s French House sound. A few friends took me down to the old Xe54 where we just happened to stumble upon one of Melbourne's best producers playing there, Fantastic Man. I think just hearing what was really possible with Electronic and Dance music, all the diversity of genre/sound was so exciting. From there I first started just learning the basics of how to mix, especially after immersing myself in heaps of Boiler Room videos. I don't think Dance music became a really big thing in my life until I took the steps into producing. Spending hours and days making tracks I guess really affirmed to me that this wasn't just a one off passion that would come and go, and I couldn't be more thankful with where it has taken me to this point.

Question 2: What is the go with Yeux mag & how are things looking for 2022?

A: A timely question for sure! We've been fairly inactive recently, having taken a year's hiatus from Yeux Magazine mainly as there hasn't been a real reason to run something that revolves so heavily around the experience of live music for both our featured artists and audience. With venues and live music back, we're in a really good spot to start back up again with new issues hopefully out in March/April. We're super excited with who we've got on for our next issue of Yeux - Issue 005, so keep your eyes peeled for that and definitely many more in the future!

Question 3: Your biggest achievement in the industry for you so far? What are you excited about the most in the future?

A: I'm not sure to this point I'd say I've achieved a great deal in terms of what I'd like to do in the future. However, personally I'd have to say having people that I know and respect within the industry enjoying the music I make, enough so to want to play it out at clubs, doofs and festivals. That definitely felt super real when Willem played an unreleased collaborative track we made at his now legendary set at Let Them Eat Cake 2022. Just seeing something I'd help make go off to a crowd as big as that was genuinely surreal. Having been lucky enough to play a handful of gigs and be featured on some great local podcast series like Club Elevate on Area3000 and Unrestricted Purpose has been a real achievement for me. At the moment for the future I'm just super keen to get all the unreleased tracks I've had piled up on my computer over the last year or so released, hopefully on some sick labels too!

Question 4: Do you have any tips or tricks for those just starting with ableton or even for the pros?

A: Stick with it! The first few weeks and months are definitely the hardest to learn for sure. The Ableton interface looks confusing and full of things that today I still struggle to understand, but once you know your way around the whole process of getting down ideas, loops, arrangements becomes natural. Apart from learning the basics of the interface, don't stress over all the stuff you hear about music theory. Whilst it's definitely helpful for some, it's not something I use much despite having learnt as a classical musician years ago. If something sounds right, it sounds right! My one rule now that I abide by, especially making high energy trance/prog, is that if you can't dance to the music you're making in your own room or studio then that project probably isn't worth finishing.

Question 5: Favourite all time tune?

A: A bit of a leftfield one, but I'm an absolute sucker for tracks which leave you with a genuine euphoria no matter where or when you listen to them. For me that track has to be DJ Life - "Steele". It's a sort of melodic proggy/trance tune that's both super calm and energetic at the same time with an absolutely epic breakdown section that slows and fastens the tempo.

Question 6: What is your style, if you could describe it in 5 Words? & why?

A: For mixing, I'd describe my style as being quite eclectic in selection of genre and sound. I try not to limit myself to tracks that are completely samey or similar. As long as there's a consistent mood, emotion and energy throughout the set, that's what really matters. For my own tracks, lately I've been delving quite a bit into Proggressive Trance that's infused with elements of 90s Goa Trance and breaks.

Question 7: What is one piece of advice you can give to those just starting in the industry?

A: Be patient and do it for the reasons YOU love it. When I first started out I naively thought things would happen super quick because of how far I thought I'd come in such a short time with mixing/producing. It really took me years to establish myself and my sound and arrive at something that I was really proud of. That being said, don't be afraid to put yourself out there to others for advice, connections, feedback etc. no matter what point you feel you're at. That great thing about the music community is that everyone genuinely wants you to succeed and hear what you personally have to offer. On another note for all the producers just starting out, don't buy a shit ton of analogue equipment. Learn the basics of how to use what, and then learn them well - you'll end up wasting your money on synths and equipment you definitely won't ever need!

Question 8: What do you think is the biggest thing for the community music wise right now?

A: Doofs! With all the restrictions from Covid lockdowns people have definitely been inspired to run their own events. Especially with this sort of neo-trance/prog sound that has really taken a hold of the Melbourne scene, the sort of music being played is really a match made in heaven for the doof vibe!

Question 9: Any upcoming gigs for 2022?

A: I've got a few things in the works, but nothing that is fully announced yet - so stay tuned!

You can also follow Cybernet on all his social media below!!


Instagram: @cybernet_303

Soundcloud: @Cybernet (Cybernet303)

Here is a link to Cybernet's most recent track release "Neutron Flow"

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