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Interview: @ABEM

Well, well, well our final artist is one of the main artists I have been digging for a while now & he goes by the name of ABEM!

Paris born ABEM knows how to close out a European rave, never hitting under 165bpm ABEM is a lover for all things hard & fast, also in every single one of his tracks he has massive build ups which keeps the crowd on their feet!

ABEM, isn’t really known around the ways down here in AUS which is one of the main reasons I have selected him for our 10th drop! To give those underground artists some promotion light for their career!


I recommend having a look at ABEMS Soundcloud/Spotify before the release of the next drop, his production levels are fkin quality! I'm calling out there to any event organizers PLEASE look into this legend he needs his first Aus show in 2023, his style is seriously overwhelming for some but that is the way I like it!

We recently got to speak to ABEM about how being an artist in France is & what are his plans for 2023?

Q & A:

Question 1: When did the drive to start mixing/producing & being involved with dance music become a big thing for you?

A: Music is a passion since my childhood, i’ve do almost 10 years of dance (breakdance), so i have a deep relationship with music,

body and rythms. Before to make music i was Vj and motion designer so it’s an other relation with music, like see sounds and ear colors, an other approach. I mix since long time, but was for myself, at home with friends. But i start to producing during the first lockdown of the pandemic maybe little bit before. It was a my dream to create music, i had the time to do it with the COVID-19 lock down, so i begin to do some youtube tutorial to learn ableton. Step by step. Until my first release track. During this moment that begin to take more and more extent in my life. Now i know 100% that I don’t want to do an other thing of my life.

Question 2: When did you decide to make this style of music? I seriously love the 170+ stuff & is super impressive!

A: Thank you very much !

When i begin to produce, i’ve discover the new hybrid scene with Union Trance Mission. Before that i think that the electronic techno scene was kind of boring during this past years. Like full of same industrial techno everywhere... Btw i love industrial techno but was only this kind of stuff, with the same line up everywhere...

The new hybrid scene comes up a bit before the pandemic and a lot of emergent artists and new labels comes up with that. Broken rules between genres, to create new sonorities, a new music area. So i was falling in love of this new scene and wanted to be part of it. With all my influences (breakbeat, techno, psy trance, hard trance, tekno, mental tribe, acidcore, ...) I decide to work to create my own style. Infuenced by Sci-Fi, asian culture, manga univers, shamanic sounds, and fast music. 170 is my favorite BPM because for me it’s the border, the limit of the groove, and i love to play with that. Fast but always groovy.

Question 3: Do you have any plans on coming to Aus to perform?

A: Not yet ! But hope that will come soon. Finger crossed for it haha !

Question 4: What is the main focus for you right now in your music career?

A: My main focus now it’s to always being in creation and being in research of new sonorities, to mindblow people. And to continue toexpend this hybrid scene all over the world. To make you galloping like pure horses haha ! My next step is to create a live show. That is my big objective of the next year.

Question 5: For those that don't really know you here in Aus what can you say to them?

A: If you are curious, and open minded go check my music to discover my universe haha ! Or just if you like it fast, mental and groovy.

Question 6: What has been your favorite track to produce?

A: Oh... really hard question there ! I love all my tracks because it’s a new story for me each time I begin to produce a new one. Impossible to chose just one, but if I need to do a top 3, maybe : It’s been a long time since I killed a Jedi / Black Powder / This Hot Night (for these who are release haha because there is a lot others, new vibe, upcoming tracks...)

Question 7: All time fav track?

A: All genres combined : Give it up - Public Enemy, Electronic scene : impossible there is to much that i love haha

Question 8: Name your style in 5 words?

A: Hybrid / Gallop / Fast / Mental / Groove

Question 9: What is the dance scene like over in France?

A: It’s a kind of new reborn in France with the dance scene. New horizons open with this hybrid neo rave scene. Harder and faster. Now you can see some parties with some Hard Techno / Tekno / Trance in the same line up. Artists who play with all this genres and decide to break codes. Few years before it will be really rare to see that. Now it’s almost everywhere. And i think people just need it. A new breath in the electronic music scene. That grow up more and more, in the all country, not just in Paris. And all over Europe.

Question 10: Anymore belting tracks for you to come out before the end of the year?

A: A lot of things are coming in this next year hehe... But a self-release one before the end of the year, maybe for your Christmas gift! For the rest, surprise...

Question 11: How do you create such unique breakdowns in your tracks?

A: I love when the breakdowns is huge with a lot of tension and false drop. Almost in a cinematic way. When i create my music, I visualize the song, kind of synestesia. I create a visual atmosphere or a story in my head associated with the sounds, that help me to find a story associate with my music. And as I said, mixing influences and broke the rules are the key of hybrid music.

Please make sure to check this legend out (GET HIM HERE IN AUS PLS)

You can also find him on all social media handles below!


Instagram: @abem.ea



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