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@DIRTBAGOODS got next?

Our next fashion brand we are taking a close look at in this drop, is none other than Dirtbag Goods, they are an up & coming brand with some sick garments! I started following them about a few months ago & have seen how active they are on Instagram & their website I had to interview them for Stewi Mag!


I love seeing up & coming brands making moves now because it gives others motivation like myself to make their stuff! Currently I have just started bringing in Stewi Mag shirts so if you want one make sure to hit me quickly! Having said this we caught up with the curator of Dirtbag and spoke to him about the creation of their brand and how they are coping after COVID!

Q & A:

Question 1: When did you Start Dirtbag Goods & has everything gone to plan?

A: Dirtbag Started during my year 12 last year as my portfolio for Visual communications. During

the process and later half of the year I knew I wanted to do it full time. After year 12 a bit of

partying was had and then I properly got stuck into it. Everything has gone to plan I think, as the

brand is growing, people are enjoying the goods, and my vision for the brand is starting to come

to life finally. Plus Stewimag is interviewing me so can't go wrong.

Question 2: Where do you guys get your street garments from?

A: Garments originally came through our shop at home as they were still good quality. I then used

Rue Porter blanks for a few tees, but I’m now talking with manufacturers and have set up

custom cut garments. This will be seen for all Dirtbag hoodies and tees. I also up-cycled jeans

and pants, for the ‘peach patch’ and ‘creme of the crop’, and will continue to do that for 1/1

items as it adds a bit more character to the garments.

Question 3: What is the Purpose of Dirtbag Goods?

A: The purpose of Dirtbag Goods is to be a brand that is more than selling clothes. While the

clothes are the main focal point of many brand, I don't want the brand to be like other clothing

lines that say, “hey buy my clothes and leave” I want it to be its own kind of world you can step

into and take a slice of, whether that is from collecting some goods, enjoying videos or looking

at the website, you know you're part of Dirtbag Goods. Kind of what Tyler the creator has done

with Golf Le Fleur, in that everything matches and connects to one another.

Question 4: Where are you guys originated from?

A: Dirtbag actually originated from my dad as he did it in his 20’s and just sold screen printed tees

with a small dirtbag on the front and large logo on the back. Dad wanted it to be an off cut brand

that had a bold and unseen style to it. Dad is an ideas man so he never took it off but messing

around with it in the shed I thought I would take it off for him.

Question 5: Is Stewimag a good way do you think to help build your brand audience? & maybe give you guys some more sales?

A: Yessir! Any magazine is the way to go, and getting into these magazines is what I love and

thought would take a while to actually do, but yeah the growth goes both ways, your magazine

is a great gateway and by doing these hopefully people who enjoy my brand can see it and grab

some goods.

Question 6: Do you guys have a team at Dirtbag Goods or is everyone solo acquainted?

A: At the moment it's just me, max, at the moment. As I grow it would be elite to hire some people

and build a nice group who share the same interests in the brand. I'm lucky that I'm pretty handy

with the designs and media side of things, so everything you see at Dirtbag Goods is done by

me at the moment.

Question 7: How do you guys on your social media try and keep people engaged with your stuff?

A: I think it is best to be interactive with your followers. Lots of brands wont reply to comments or

questions but I feel like that's half of the fun. I keep posting stuff that is a bit different because it

keeps people engaged and talking. Also just being consistent is the biggest thing, you have to

be annoying and showing up on people's social media and people will eventually invest in your

brand. Doing giveaways, polls, and making Tik Toks is also big.

Question 8: How is Dirtbag different to other clothing stores/brands?

A: Ooo, this one's big. I think it's different because it's a brand that as mentioned earlier will have

its own world to it, like you either take a slice, or you don't. I think dirtbag is a combination of ideas as all clothing brands are these days, but it's mainly about inclusivity and the Dirtbag Goods idea. I think it has the potential to be a successful brand that has a longevity to it, due to it being genuine, open and for the people, not just a brand that wants to take your money. I also think the combination or bold colors and wearing what you want also stands out.

Question 9: How has COVID Impacted Dirtbag Goods?

A: Covid hasn't had an effect luckily as I've only been doing it since December 2021, so missed it by a bee’s

Question 10: Would you say at the moment that your brand is a success?

A: Yeah I would say it's a success. I’ll never pay for social media ads as I feel like it takes away

from what my brand stands for, so to grow using a guerrilla advertising method and be where I

am is pretty good. Obviously natural growth is slow and I'm expecting it to take a couple of years

to get going, so you have to take it day by day. But to have over a thousand followers for

Dirtbag is huge and can't wait to see where it goes.

You can also find their website and socials below!!!

Instagram: @dirtbagoods


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