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Covid Stage Done?

Over the past few months of me being away from Stewi Mag I've had to get a look at all the latest in trending news since the pandemic for the music scene is looking nearly over (touch wood).


Man the words can't describe the vibe this festival brings to me each year!! After having none of this for 2 years I was ready to see some killer performances such as, X-Club, DINA, FJAAK, Laura King, Tred just to name a few! Job Jose also deserves full credit to the vibe he put on for the last set of Pitch.

A huge shout out to 2 of previous Stewi Mag artists, Sam Alfred & STUM who put on clinics at the Pitch Black stage! These 2 are on another level at the moment taking the scene by storm, you wouldn't want to miss them!


Attending Strawberry this year was something different compared to 2019 when I attended, smaller setup, different stage setups, less people but hell it's still madness, the location for Strawberry is seriously breathtaking & I seriously love every minute of being up there!


Well if you all follow me on Instagram you would have seen all about this! Shelter was easily the most fun I've ever had during a set, yeah it was only a b2b but the vibe after taking over Bella Claxton was huge!! Me & Widmaar took the crowd by storm, that's all I'm going to say becuase you've probably seen so many posts now!


Over the easter long weekend i teamed up with a crew that had a insane sound system, to host our own little doof out in Poowong VIC, it was a hell of fun but the turnout always never is what you expect first time out but it was definitely an eye opener but still a lot of fun! It was also seeing my mates that haven't played somewhere in a while or never even played before having a crack, it's crazy how much music can bring to a community.


It had been a while since I personally hit the club scene, after festival season and a few gigs I decided to take a break but there wasn't a chance I was missing Kettama since he probably won't be coming back for a while now! Xe is never a disappointment, waiting 3 hours in line to a wall to wall dance floor, toilets & bars also packed to the brim, but having said this Kettama didn't let Meklbourne down! STUM & Sam Alfred closed out as well man they were on fire!

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