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Cosmeticise up next?! + Interview

Created by @frvsxr, Cosmeticise are an up & coming Melbourne fashion brand focusing on bringing people together with rave & doof like fashion! We caught up with Fraser and asked him a few questions about the brand.


Q & A with Cosmeticise curator Fraser!!

Question 1: When did you Start cosmeticise and what inspired you to start it as a brand?

A: My website and first t-shirt drop was launched August 19 2020. I’ve always wanted to start a brand and at the time I really found myself going to techno/dance music events and also listening to a lot of that music daily.

Question 2: What is your favourite piece from the whole Cosmeticise collection?

A: The Digital Love t-shirt collaboration with one of my best friends Spencer, who runs the clothing brand Astelle. You can check them out on Instgram

Question 3: What is the purpose of Cosmeticise Clothing?

A: As our tagline would say “The new way to superficially improve”. I wanted to do something different, I want my pieces to have some sort of functionality and cool aesthetic. To draw attention to my brand and pieces in particular you need to keep fresh and make your customers need/want your product.

Question 4: How did you come up with the UV Reactive shirt/hoodies ideas?

A: I actually didn’t even think about it at first, it was suggested to me by the guys at Redwood Press as I didn’t even know it was a thing. It fits my vibe so perfectly and I’m so glad that it’s a thing.

Question 5: Are you looking at collabing with Stewi or some other Clothing brands in the future?

A: For sure, we’ve already collaborated But seriously I would love to collaborate with other Melbourne based brands.

Question 6: How long does it usually take to organise and order a new collection drop for your website?

A: There is no real time frame I could put on it to be honest. The website stuff can be done in a few hours, product photography and model shots take majority of a day/afternoon.

Question 7: What goes into cosmeticise? Graphic Designers, models etc!?

A: I love to collaborate with designers and pay them to make original and exciting prints for me. To make money you need to spend money and the designers I’ve worked with are extremely talented and truly deserved every cent I’ve paid them. I also design myself, I studied two years at Chadstone Holmesglen after High School for Design.

All the models are just myself and my friends! We all get together and do a few hours of shooting, while we vibe out to music and what not. Shoutout to anyone who’s been in a shoot with us, it’s been such a great collaborative effort from everyone involved.

Question 8: How is Cosmeticise different to other clothing brands?

A: Not only are we a clothing brand but we are also a creative collective. We post SoundCloud and YouTube mixes, and look to expand on this area. Our products offer Ultra Violet reactive inks which gives a great functionality to an item which can’t do much besides lay on your body.

Question 9: What inspiration did you use to make the clothing?

A: A lot of inspiration has come from Cyberpunk/Anime/Industrial/Y2K design aesthetic as well as visual aspects from dance music genres such as House, Techno, Disco etc.

Textiles wise I like my fabrics to feel comfortable and boxy. We offer custom tags and high quality prints done locally in Melbourne.

Question 10: How has lockdown impacted Cosmeticise?

A: It has it’s pros and cons. I’ve saved more money than I would have because I’ve just been staying at home. But I haven’t been able to network and share my brand around as much as I would like it.

You can check out Cosmeticise below on their socials!!

Instagram: @cosmeticise

Tik Tok: @cosmeticiseau

Instagram: @frvsxr

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