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The brand we are taking a look into this month is none other than Bourgeois! We spoke to Bourgeois a while ago but never got round to making a write up about them so we finally decided to deep dig down and find out some more about the brand! Being based in Naarm you could say these guys are an underground brand in a sense, but they also do worldwide shipping for those international orders! Ranging with all different types of clothing such as hats, varsity jackets, button ups, female tops, jeans etc.

We like to pick brands who are unique and exclusive in a sense, this way it gives these brands an opportunity to gain a bigger audience and also promote themselves in a way! These guys at Bourgeois have taken my eye with their unique type of clothing that they sell & I will definitely be thinking about copping some of their stuff very soon! We recently did an interview with one the creator of Bourgeois to tell her insight of the brand & where they started off!

Q & A:

Question 1: When did you Start Bourgeois & has everything gone to plan?

A: I started actually working on bourgeois around mid 2020 and it actually hasn’t gone to plan at all. When i was around 14 i already knew that this is what i wanted to do but in 2019 in highschool i came with the name everything and the plan was to start my brand after uni and after i intern somewhere making money etc.

Question 2: What do you guys think is the most important thing when running a brand?

A: The most important thing i’d say is you need to be ready to commit. You need passion and it shouldn’t just be a money grab.

Question 3: What is the purpose of Bourgeois?

A: The purpose of bourgeois is to let people wear what they want. To help people get out of the comfort zone and challenge gender norms. Also to build a community for people in Melbourne for creatives and hopefully inspire others to follow their dreams no matter what their parents think.

Question 4: Where are you guys originated from?

A: I’m from Melbourne but my ethnicity is Vietnamese.

Question 5: Is Stewimag a good way do you think to help build your brand audience? & maybe give you guys some more sales?

A: I think stewimag is a great way to build our brand audience and help people know more about us.

Question 6: Define your brand in 5 words?

A: I have no idea how to define my brand in 5 words i really can’t think of anything HAAHAH

Question 7: How many photographers do you guys have?

A: I have many different photographers i work with. I tend to just work with a different one depending on the photoshoot, vibe and such!

Question 8 : How has covid Impacted Bourgeois?

A: Covid hasn’t impacted bourgeois too much as i work at home which is really lucky that we have all our sewing machines here.

Question 9: Would you say at the moment that your brand is a success?

A: I don’t think my brand is a success yet. I feel as though it’s on it’s way to success as i have big plans for its future however i would say that it’s doing a lot better than what i had imagined for the amount of time I’ve had with this business.

You can also find Bourgeois on their socials below!


Instagram: @bourgeois_61


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