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Who Am I?

Stewi is a talented producer and DJ known for his unique blend of offbeat hard techno, trance, goa music and psytrance.

With a sound that pushes the boundaries of traditional dance music, Stewi has become a standout figure in the underground electronic music scene. Born and raised in Naarm, Stewi discovered a passion for music at a young age, and quickly developed a strong interest in electronic and dance music. 

He honed his skills in production and Djing, & soon began to make a name for himself with his cutting-edge sound. Stewi's music is characterized by it's raw energy, driving basslines & psychedelic elements, drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres and styles. He has a talent for crafting tracks that are both dancefloor-friendly and emotionally charged & his performances are known for their intense and unforgettable energy. 

Stewi is aklso releasing his debut EP "Interstellar Dreams" on 23rd October.

Gigs & Socials

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  • TikTok

Stewi has played at a few clubs around Melbourne here a list of many


  • Shelter Launch @Myaeon

  • CICADA @ New Guernica

  • Glamorama Bar

  • Circus Bar

  • Color Club

  • Bloom Venue - Geelong

  • Protokkol- Ft Dina

  • Inertia Naarm

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