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Who Am I?

Coming from Melbourne Stewi provides a diverse culture to both music & fashion, Stewi has a love for a wide range of music genres but you'll most likely catch him playing some type of Techno/Trance with fast acid basslines & pounding percussion, all that mixed with a perfect kick! Jesse loves his fashion and wants to bring people from the side of that community to music! Stewi is planning on having another track release come out by the end of the year after his last track "EINFACH" on Soundcloud did quite successful! This year Stewi has also come out with a project called STEWI MAG where he talks about the latest fashion brands & up coming DJ's in the Melbourne Scene!! Jesse wants to show his drive & passion for music on stage when provided an entertaining audience! 

Gigs & Socials

  • Instagram
  • SoundCloud
  • Facebook
  • TikTok

Stewi has played at a few clubs around Melbourne here a list of many


  • Shelter Launch @Myaeon

  • CICADA @ New Guernica

  • SDSC @Brown Alley

  • DUST Festival W Faces Of Group

  • Color Club

  • Bloom Venue - Geelong

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